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Pono Plates has a separate POS system from their credit/debit acceptance. Their credit/debit is run though a Verifone VX520 which accepts NFC payments. If you would like to make a payment with your phone or contactless card, ask the cashier to ring the payment on the VX520 and then ask to place your phone over the screen on the terminal. The sale should go right through.

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Wednesday, 13 May 2015 10:52

Home Depot Temporarily Removed

There were several false reports on Apple tech sites that state that NFC based payments were dropped in favor of Paypal. We previously verified that their Ingencio iSC250s did accept Google Wallet so we were skeptical.  We decided to try it ourselves at the Pearl City location and while the terminal does read the NFC token, it will hang and require the salesperson's intervention.  No matter what we did, the transaction was not allowed.  According to Bloomberg Business, Home Depot is currently weighing options in the mobile payment front.  Until Home Depot officially announces NFC payment as an option, we are removing their listing on our map.

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